The National Association of Realtors, NAR, has documented that 90% of all Buyers start their real estate search on the internet. If a seller wants to get maximum exposure to the worldwide internet then you would want your property listed with a Realtor that knows this market and is the #1 ranked Realtor for your community and Naples Real Estate.

The Marco Luxury Property Group and Corey Cabral are the #1 ranked Realtor for internet marketing for Naples Real Estate worldwide. That’s a bold statement but it’s completely accurate. When a buyer searches Naples Luxury Real Estate, Naples Golf Real Estate, Naples Waterfront Real Estate, Olde Naples Real Estate or a community name such as Grey Oaks Real Estate, Pelican Bay Real Estate, Park Shore Real Estate you will see our company ranked #1 on the first page.

We made a financial commitment some years ago to bring together a world class team of professionals in order to design and develop the top ranking web sites in Collier County. We have been ranked #1 for Naples internet marketing since the fall of 2011.

Listing your home with the Marco Luxury Property Group provides you with a front page advertisement at the top of the internet ranking. That is as good as it gets for worldwide Real Estate marketing.

Along with this internet exposure we also we provide you with the following:

Pre-Market Tips

The day your home goes on the market it should be in prime condition and priced right to attract the most potential buyers. We will help you determine market value for your home and can offer suggestions to make your home more appealing, your job is to put in the work to get your home pristine clean and to remove clutter and personalization.

Buyers want to see a home where they can visualize themselves living. If buyers see an overstuffed closet, they’ll assume the home lacks storage space; and if your kitchen counters are cluttered, they’ll think the space is too small.

• Research the market to identify potential buyers to target for direct mail.
• Reach out to other real estate brokers and agents who work with buyers in your price range. We have access to all 4200 Collier County Realtors and do an email blast announcing your listing.
• Hire a professional photographer to showcase your home online with attractive pictures.
• List your home on the local Multiple Listing Service and make sure it receives maximum exposure on multiple websites including and Zillow.
• Take a video of your home or produce a virtual tour with numerous photos so your home can be viewed in-depth by buyers looking online.
• Host Open Houses for maximum exposure.
• Design a high quality ad and market in print media that is deemed appropriate.

Once buyers begin visiting your home or contacting us we will respond immediately to keep the momentum going. Every visitor to your home or their agent will be contacted by us to get feedback on your home and to gauge their interest.

What Your REALTOR® Should Expect From You

While your REALTOR® does the majority of all the necessary work when it comes to marketing, as a seller you need to support your REALTOR® in several ways:

• Keep your home as clean, neat and odor-free as possible while your home is on the market.
• Make your home as available as possible to buyers.
• Leave the house when buyers are there, since studies have shown that buyers linger and look more carefully when the homeowners aren’t present.
• Lock up your pets or take them away when buyers are visiting, especially during an open house when multiple visitors are expected.
• Provide information to buyers about community, amenities, schools, activities so that Buyers can appreciate your home’s location.
Corey Cabral is a focused professional. His knowledge of the Naples QUALITY Real Estate market is a genuine advantage to home Sellers. He knows what it takes to get homes sold in these communities.

Corey understands how much is at stake, and he believes you need both the right qualified professional as well as a professional you can feel comfortable working with. He invites you to visit his bio page (click here) and read his extensive qualifications in Real Estate Development, Construction and Sales. You can get a sense of who he is as a person and as a professional‚ and more importantly, what he stands for in both facets of his life.

You will find Corey is a person of integrity in both. Here are some of the reasons to select Corey Cabral as your Realtor®:
• He will provide professional fiduciary representation throughout your entire transaction.
• You will receive a Comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home’s current value.
• He will provide you with careful one-on-one guidance and consultation through each phase of the process, helping you make sound decisions and navigate the complex paperwork and legal issues affecting your transaction.
• His #1 Ranked state-of-the-art Real Estate websites are a high-quality resource where you will find a wealth of information and access to a variety of real estate tools you may need to maximize your home sale or purchase.
• His commitment is to always place your best interests foremost and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive the most money possible for your home.
• He will access his extensive network of area real estate professionals and brokers to get the critical exposure that will get your home in front of the right buyers.
• From his years in the industry and his strategic and professional marketing efforts, He has cultivated a network of qualified buyers.
• He will arrange and coordinate professionally hosted showings of your home to other real estate brokers which is important for getting the critical initial buzz about your home. He will also conduct agent open houses.
• Aggressive and professional marketing plans to ensure the right exposure of your home to the right prospective buyers and/or their agents.
• Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
• He will also showcase your home on his #1 ranked websites.
• In addition, He will promote your home on a variety of other highly trafficked real estate sites, including his company’s site, Zillow, Naples MLS and many other respected and highly visited real estate websites.
• He has handpicked a list of respected and trusted vendors to help you through each step of the home selling process.
• He will take the time to customize your home selling experience to meet your family’s specific needs.

These are just a few of the reasons to select Corey Cabral as your Realtor®. You will take comfort in his extreme level of professionalism and you will enjoy working with him to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar.